Super Sub Café

Treat for Super Heroes

Super Sub Cafe is the first of its kind to be a superhero theme-based cafe on Purbachal Highway, Dhaka. Since they started their cafe, they were always wanted some vintage comics-based promotional activities along with modern food posts on their social handles. Where Ruts came to the rescue and helped them to start wholesome comic-friendly promotions to attract potential customers, like- comics collectors, Comicon lovers, kids, anime lovers, and all.

We put some retro-style posts in their pages and banners in different comics places to create awareness regarding their business. We also put a campaign to invite all the cosplay artists in the costume to get a free treat at Super Sub Cafe, which actually created some buzz in the cosplay community, and also regular customers get entertained with these cosplay artist’s presence.

ClientSuper Sub Cafe
ServiceSMM, Events
Contents Content, Promotion, QMT, Boost
PlatformsFacebook, Instagram
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