Wonderful Journey with VLCC

Founded by Mrs. Vandana Luthra as a beauty and slimming services centre in 1989, VLCC is today widely recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of beauty and wellness products and services and also enjoys a high level of consumer trust. The VLCC Group’s operations currently span 330 locations in over 150 cities and 14 countries across Asia and Africa, including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Singapore.

Challenges with VLCC

VLCC has started it's operation in Bangladesh since 2014 and since then it is working with the same Agency, who was giving them a monotonous video concept with lower reach and engagement rate. When VLCC contacted us regarding their digital media marketing issue, we analyzed and found the concept behind every video the main culprit in this case.

Ruts to the Rescue

When we took over the digital media marketing section of VLCC Bangladesh, firstly we made some real changes in their digital marketing strategy. We made our media buying more focused toward the TG group, as well as we fished some more with interest-based targeting. Besides, we put that X-factor appeal in the videos with trendy scripts and smooth transition. The differences were highly appreciated by our client as well as the customers.